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A little bit of soul touching

I often have songs that touch my soul. It all started when I was on summer staff at Mountain TOP. We often found ourselves listening to the Counting Crows and there were a few songs on Hard Candy that just plain touched our souls. Holiday in Spain for sure. We also had our fair share of Third Day played around camp, and the one that touched our souls there was Love Song. Off and on since then, I've come across songs that absolutely touch my soul. Saturday night at counterculture, I came across just that, a song that touches my soul. I figured I would share it. I find that in the times we are in there is a struggle for really good songs that fit well in worship. Hymns often have really powerful lyrics but the music is well... dated. Newer songs tend to have really upbeat music that makes you feel warm inside, but they often don't reflect where our hearts need to be in order to bow before Christ. This song sort of exemplifies the way we all feel sometimes. Broken, battered and lost and in desperate need of forgiveness that we can only taste through the things offered to us through Christ. It is in this way that this song truly touches my soul.

Tasting Forgiveness
by Robbie Seay Band
I'm pleading my innocence here
Exposing my arrogance all the while
Hoping that nobody sees
Especially You

I've yielded to all that has cost me
And thrown to the side what is free
And I'm lying if I say that I've figured it out

But maybe this time
The bread and the wine
Will be more than food on my lips

I'm tasting forgiveness
And drinking of mercy
I feast on redemption
Tasting forgiveness
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Thank you for these lyrics. The music and lyrics are powerful.

By Anonymous J.C. Weaver, at 6:02 PM  

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