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The Dance

My secret (only not so secret) passion is college basketball. I've been checking on scores all day, I am sad that I didn't get to see the double overtime of the BC vs. Pacific game earlier in the day. I'll have some game on the rest of the day for sure (of course the Illinois game will take priority over anything else tonight). I didn't join a bracket group this year, which was slightly sad, but that didn't keep me from putting down my predictions on paper which I'll track throughout the rest of March.

So why do I love the tournament so much? I think it is because it gives lesser known teams a chance. I mean really, Bucknell? Did Montana really just beat Nevada? It is all wonderfully exciting, I absolutely love every moment. So you want to know my final four... I've got Duke, Gonzaga, Illinois (I'm a loyalist), and Ohio St. Hey, there were 2 Big Ten teams last year, why not this year? Maybe one day I'll wise up and stop taking Illinois to the end, but what else are you supposed to do when you bleed orange and blue?

Last year I had the ultimate in college basketball experiences. I went to the final four and championship games. Although my team did not make it through to the end, it will be remembered as one of the best experiences of my college career. There is nothing quite like the energy that was felt there. Everyone in orange was family. After North Carolina won (and come on, didn't everyone see Sean May kick Roger Powell, Jr. in the head while he was down? Can we say referee bias?), the Illini cheering section which was well over 3/4 of the stadium broke out with Hail to the Orange. It wasn't anger, it wasn't hatred, it wasn't yelling and screaming obscenities... we all just stopped, grabbed one another and sang that loyalty song of Illinois. I'd say that is some love for a school. So here is to another year of March Madness, and more importantly, here is to the Fighting Illini.

"Hail to the Orange
Hail to the Blue
Hail Alma Mater
Ever so true (SO TRUE)
We love no other
So let our motto be
Victory, Illinois (sssssssssssssss)
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I'd be so sunk if i wanted to take my team all the way to the end every year. another year, another missed tourney.

Close by the wabash in famed hoosier land,
Stand old Purdue, serene and grand,
Cherished in memory, by all her son's and daughters true,
Fair Alma mater, All Hail Purdue
Fairest in all the land, our own Purdue
Fairest in all the land, our own Purdue

Sigh, go Illini (i guess :-p)

By Blogger JP, at 12:06 AM  

just took a quick look and i am not going to call Hollice even though i realy want to ;)

By Anonymous Dad, at 2:21 PM  

I know where you will be around 4:30 pm CST. I am quite the fan of college basketball, too. Only I can't watch an entire Illini game. If I do they always lose.

Go Illini!

By Blogger Joanna, at 9:06 AM  

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