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more on the gathering...

Well I made it back from Fayetteville, and now am in Illinois for my niece's baptism on Sunday. It is somewhat of a whirlwind of a trip for traveling 1500 miles.

My travels yesterday were less than pleasant, so I'm hoping that my trip back will be better.

So a few more thoughts on the gathering... I met some amazing people, dogblogger, Ben and a bunch of others like Michael, Marcia and Melody...

Here is a picture of Tim doing some teaching...

And Doug doing some teaching...

And Mike and Billy leading us in some praise time...

Here is the New Mexico delegation. It was good to hang out with these guys as I don't get to see them too often other than Jeb the guy in the hat who I see now and again with youth stuff in Albuquerque.

I'm still struggling through what I've learned, but here are some quotes that I managed to copy down and still need to sort through...

"You don't get to complain about anything that you are not willing to fix."

"I want to find life, and chase it."

"The kingdom of God is living in the rhythm of God."

"Fear is powerful but it just doesn't motivate. Possibility has to motivate."

"Now that you're saved... what next? What if we've got it wrong and you aren't saved from something by God, you're saved by God for something. "

"Faith is detached from imagination, creation and what it means to be human beings made in the image of God. Our structures and rhythms reinforce that… being Christian ends up detaching us from reality."

"We should see worship as a corporate public spiritual discipline designed to shape us communally in a way that we cannot by ourselves."

"Do you want a church for you or do you want a church for your great grandchildren?"

Of course there are lots of other things I could say about everything that went on, and I am quite certain that the whole event will affect me in really profound ways for sure. I'm really excited for next year's event and hopefully will even get in on some of the planning of the event. In any case, I'm glad I got the opportunity to go and make some connections with South Central Jurisdiction folks.
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Nice collection of quotes... only a week on now, and you already have me strolling down memory lane...


By Blogger DogBlogger, at 5:31 PM  

Good times! Now if only my laptop would come back from IBM so I could post a similarly nice reflection!

By Blogger Ben Davis, at 5:37 PM  

awesome post, L! I've cut & pasted a few of them into my typed synthesis of notes/thoughts from the week. All y'all bloggers have me feeling like I should do something productive in cyberspace as well...hmmmm


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:04 PM  

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