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cracking up about my youth...

So I didn't have very many guy friends when I was in high school. I had a few, but not the kind that opened up about what they were thinking very often, and definitely not like the guys I have in my youth group currently.

I'm seriously cracking up still about some of the conversations I had with some of the guys today. As I sit at coffee, I generally have time during the 2 hours where it is just me and a bunch of guys, which I think is awesome. We talk about anything and everything that guys in junior high and high school talk about which is pretty cool too. I love that they trust me enough to talk about bodily functions...

So I love hanging out with them because I really gain insight into the teenage male mind. Today's conversations seemed to center around girls. So here was the conversation that I just lost it over... I'm seriously still laughing.

S: I need a new girlfriend.
L: As in you want to take your current one in and trade it for a new model? (He said it like he was going to go get a new car or something.)
S: No, I don't have one, that's the problem. I need a new one.
L: Well I'm glad you're not shopping for one like a car.
S: Well sometimes I go looking for them in stores.
L: What?
S: Well you really don't want to date someone you meet at Wal-mart. You never know what you might get. But Macy's girls are a good call.
L: Are you serious?
S: Yeah.
L: *Face palm*
S: But I have three options right now. I have a decent chance with all of them. (He proceeded to name them and tell me a bit about all of them.)
L: So how do you decide?
S: Whichever one will go out with me first.
L: Are you serious?
S: Yeah, why not?
L: *Face palm* Well I guess that's a good way of picking a girlfriend...

So there you have it. A look into the mind of a teenage boy from my perspective. Good thing when I go to camp this weekend I am taking 8 girls and 3 boys. The girls... I get them most of the time. The boys... well I seem to smack my forehead an awful lot, but I love them. And am really intrigued about figuring out what is going on in their heads. No amount of schooling can prepare you for conversations like that one.
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fun. Hope camp went well ?

By Blogger Lorna, at 9:20 AM  

The sad thing? As a once-teenaged boy, I can understand the kid... his logic makes as much sense as anything that comes from the mind (and mouth) of a teenage boy.

Keep up the good work in listening to them. I know they appreciate having someone who won't just shoot them down when they have hairbrained ideas...

By Blogger The Thief, at 7:28 AM  

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