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an awesome time at PSYM

So I did make it back from Dallas at the end of last week and have been working my tail off the last few days to catch up with work stuff. Unfortunately, I am no where near caught up and still have an obscene amount of work to complete before the end of the week. Here are a few pictures from the event, some stolen from other PSYMer's and I will give credit where it is due...

This was our art project when we did a worship service on grief. Amazing... it is hard to describe how this piece of art came about, but if you want to know, just ask. It was by far the most moving experience of the weekend I would say.

These are the super awesome early bird people! Tweet tweet! Basically we all came early and did art and liturgical dance stuff. It was a rockin good time.

This was the fun table plus me. I sat in front of them and turned around a lot. Left to right... Lizzie, Casey, Erin, Me, Cathy, and Dexter. Dexter will probably be on the tv show "So you think you can dance." And then I will know a celebrity.

Haha we tried really hard to make this picture work but basically we all look kind of crazy. L to R... Erin's eye, Joseph, me, Lizzie, Casey, Halecia, Cathy.

Yes... my signature dance move. Or, ridiculousness. The essence is lost in a picture, but I laugh that Casey had this picture.

I think the blurriness in this picture happened because we were far too awesome to be caught on film. Lizzie and Casey rocked the hardcore 80s fun. I just came along for the ride.

What can I say... youth directors make funny faces sometimes!

Our Foundations class clearly rocked enough to take a picture. It was good times hanging out with Rod, Georgia, Walt and Joy.

Basically all the pictures post early bird I stole from Casey. She won't mind though because the one basic rule of youth ministry we learned was to borrow ideas (and pictures are really ideas right?)

I also came home with something else... a hand me down table that my brother said was my dad's mom's at one point. Basically it is just one more place for me to get work done. As you can see, I have wasted no time in using it to the fullest of my abilities. I can imagine that it will only get more use from here on out and is no longer sitting in my brother's garage. The plus side for him is that he won't have to move it to New Jersey.

So that was my week. I didn't really feel like I learned a ton, but the relationships I got out of it are invaluable. Afterall, the one thing they stressed (other than feel free to borrow things in youth ministry...) was relationships, relationships, relationships. I can't wait to go back next year!
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looks like a lot of fun had by all. i was interested in the arts workshops but that wasn't enough to get me there... that, and i was on vacation.

your new table. i have the same one that was given to me by my uncle when they were downsizing homes.

By Blogger gavin richardson, at 7:33 AM  

Cool, you got to hang with Diana Holbert!

Also, I met Lizzie at Bishops Week, the month after I met you at Gen x|y. She, like you, rocks!

By Blogger DogBlogger, at 8:13 AM  

I never forget this old dining room table! We always use it for Thanksgiving and other special occasion..Aunt Vicki

By Blogger vicki, at 7:05 PM  

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