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officially a youth director...

Sunday, August 10, 2008
So my youth group while growing up was pretty good at destroying things. Or at least a few members were. Broken windows, pulling an entire sink off the wall, completely unloading a fire extinguisher on an empty room...

So far I haven't had too much trouble with my youth... but this month has just been the kicker. Having to send kids home from events, having to get on them about other stuff... and then this...

So it was an accident, but there is a LARGE hole in the wall of the hall way upstairs. What got my goat was that there wasn't an immediate coming forward of the boys that did it. I didn't get a solid confession until today. That's the part that irks me. You mess up, you come tell me and we'll work it out.

Thankfully pretty much all of the people that run the church thought it was pretty darn funny. My anger on Friday night did not think that whatsoever.

It certainly could have been worse, and won't be a tough fix, but certainly made for an exciting weekend I'd say. One of my youth sponsors commented to me that even though I have been on the job for a year, I wasn't officially a youth director until Friday when we knocked a serious hole in the wall.
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